Welcome to Eyebrowse!

When we go outside, a lot of the fun is in being able to see what other people are doing. We can follow (or steer away from) the crowd. We can bump into friends. We can simply sit back and enjoy observing of the ebb and flow of human traffic.

Wouldn't it be interesting to do the same on the web?

Eyebrowse aims to create a social outdoors for your web browsing. As an Eyebrowse user you can specify a collection of web sites you wish to make public; other users can see you when you're on those sites.

This ultra-lightweight sharing of your web activity supports many social activities. Your friend's browsing paths can lead you to interesting new web content, and yours can lead them. People can see which web pages you find interesting. You'll be able to "bump into people" on the web, noticing when your friends are on the same sites or pages as you. You can see places that are attracting a crowd, as it happens. You can meet new people who share your interests. As a community, we'll be able to build up a publicly visible map of the ebbs and flows of traffic on the web.

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